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Voted the ‘Happiest Place to Live in Britain’ in a 2017 survey, Leamington Spa is renowned for its beautiful aesthetics, exceptional amenities and friendly atmosphere. Filled with luscious parks, historical architecture and exquisite dining choices, Leamington Spa is the perfect place for families, couples and young entrepreneurs looking to settle down. The perfect mix of modern cosmopolitan life with tasteful english regency heritage, Leamington Spa is an established up and coming town on the property ladder.

To help you discover more about one of Britain’s hidden gems, we’ve created the ultimate property guide to Leamington Spa. This guide will provide you with everything you will need to know about the town, and help you in discovering exactly what makes Leamington such a lead player within the UK property market.

A Brief History of Leamington Spa

Originally named Leamington Priors, the town started out as a quaint english village within the heart of Warwickshire. However, thanks to the saline springs that could be found located around the village, in 1784, the villagers of Leamington Priors began to build baths and started to reap the financial benefits of these naturally occurring waters. As visitors to the baths started to increase at a rapid rate, plants were made to build an impressive new bathing establishment unlike anything attempted before, and so, in 1814, the Royal Pump Rooms were erected. Thriving for a number of decades, the Pump Rooms brought financial prosperity to the town of Leamington Priors, and in 1838 the town was granted the prefix ‘Royal’ by Queen Victoria in recognition of its fame and fortune. Now known as Royal Leamington Spa, it became a focal location within the British Isles, and has since only continued to thrive, growing over time to become the prosperous, modern and picturesque town that stands today.


Attractions in Leamington Spa

Royal Leamington Spa has a huge number of attractions, features, and distinctive attributes that help to make it a truly unique and breathtaking town. Read below for a few of our favourites.

Jephson Gardens

Winner of the “Best Park in Britain 2004”, Jephson Gardens is a beautiful Victorian park that combines all the beauty of formal gardens with the fun and vibrant life of a family park. The perfect summers day out, Jephson Gardens has an array of exciting activities and breathtaking sights to indulge in. From the tropical Glasshouse, to the large boat hire centre, to the fun filled children’s play area, to the cultural East Lodge art studio, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So whether you choose to spend your day revelling in the vast array of incredible activities, or simply pinning and basking in the incredible natural beauty of the park, you’re sure to have an unforgettable day.


The Loft Theatre

As one of the UK’s leading independent theatre companies, the Loft Theatre is most certainly a treat not to be missed. Established in 1922, the Loft Theatre has a long standing tradition of producing comedies, dramas and outstanding shows that have been critically acclaimed and recognised on a national scale. A definite must for all thespians, the Loft Theatre is one of the hidden cultural gems of Leamington town centre.

Leamington Parade

If you’re looking to experience a touch of modern luxury, head to Leamington Parade and indulge yourself in the sparkling array of boutique shops, delectable restaurants and top high street retailers available at your fingertips. A shopping experience with a difference, Leamington Parade combines modern convenience with the beauty of victorian opulence, creating a truly unique retail experience unlike anything else.

The Royal Pump Rooms

The Royal Pump Rooms are what helped transform Leamington Spa into the thriving town it is today, and are a must see for any visitor or local alike. A stunning building with an incredible historic background, the Royal Pump Rooms have since been re-developed and re-furnished to create an array of facilities and historic monuments paying homage to the history of the town. From an art gallery, to a museum, to a concert hall, and library, the Royal Pump Rooms boast an incredible array of amenities and experiences that simply can’t be missed.


Transport in Leamington

As well as its beautiful town centre, friendly local hospitality and cultural significance, Leamington is also sought out due to its prime location spot. Situated within the very centre of England, Leamington Spa boasts an extensive array of transport links and connections that make the town a top location for commuters. Close to the M40 that runs directly to Birmingham and London, Leamington is well situated for car travel, and is a quick 20 minute drive from both Coventry and Stratford-Upon-Avon. Close to the A46, M45 and M6, Leamington provides easy access to a network of roads that can help you get anywhere within the UK. If you prefer to travel by train, then the Leamington station provides regular transport to London Marylebone via a 90 minute train, and a 10 minute train journey to Coventry, helping to make each day easier for young entrepreneurs and businessmen alike.

Where to Live & the Property Market in Leamington Spa

Due to its increasing popularity, Leamington housing prices have risen substantially over the years due to the high demand for properties within the town. With 3 to 4 bedroom houses currently averaging between £285,000 to £390,000, Leamington is swiftly becoming one of the most sought after locations within the UK. From the thriving business culture, to the bustling modern town centre, to the beautiful regency style architecture, Leamington is attracting an ever growing number of residents, and with the prestigious Warwick University only a short distance away, it’s no surprise to see that apartment prices have risen by as much as 35% in 2017.

With housing prices only expected to continue to rise, Leamington Spa has swifty become the holy grail of the UK property ladder. Perfect for first time buyers, landlords and seasoned property flippers alike, it’s never been a more exciting time to buy and sell properties within Leamington. Whether you’re a young couple looking to buy a home within one of the many beautiful suburban streets, a landlord looking to rent out student housing, or a family looking to settle down within one of the grand regency homes, Leamington provides a wealth of opportunity for all those looking to establish themselves within the property ladder.

If you’re looking to reap the financial benefits of buying or selling a property within Leamington Spa, contact one of our expert team today, and we’ll help to kickstart your journey to property investment success.