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Abbey Court Community pulls together to help homeless man

A tenant with mental health problems was evicted from his Abbey Court flat on March 31st  and was sleeping outside his old front door on the landing.  He had no access to hot food or washing facilities and all he had was a blanket, his TV and 2 rucksacks after living there for years.  Although this man could be verbally abusive, tenants, other landlords and Loveitts worked together to contact local crisis agencies, the Council, his GP, the church and the Police.  The situation highlighted the lack of support for the homeless suffering with MH in Coventry.  It was not the perfect situation sleeping on the landing, but at least he was safe and dry.  The usual procedure would be to contact the Police and let them handle it, but instead Loveitts helped by providing transport to get him into the city to present himself as homeless and chasing agencies daily to intervene.   The case was eventually picked up by his mental health worker and he was found supported housing.