Loveitts international division specialises in marketing and selling the finest luxury homes. Our international property consultants can assist you every step of the way whether you are looking to buy a property abroad for personal use or as an investment. We have a large portfolio of international properties including relaxing beach villas, luxury city apartments and quaint cottages, if you’re looking to buy property abroad we bring you the very best the international property market has to offer.

We have the breadth of experience in assisting many of our clients with the acquisition of real estate worldwide. When looking for property abroad there are many complexities such as legal procedure, taxes, mortgages and the process overall, which is where our team of experts can help you. Some of the main locations that we cover are Portugal, Maldives, USA and Cyprus.

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Spain has always been a British holiday makers favourite. Boasting many different cultures, foods and of course the stunning summers along the coastline, Spain has very typical Mediterranean climate, with temperatures usually reaching their peak in July and August as the mercury hits 30°C and above.


Portugal is one of Europe’s most popular for purchasing property and visited countries due to its affordable travel cost, idyllic climate and exceptional and beautiful attractions – making Portugal Property some of the most sort after in Europe.


The Luxurious Country of the United Arab Emirates – Property across the UAE is very sought after, for many celebrities and people seeking luxury and glamour, especially when you want to stay in the world’s only seven star hotel. 


The land of the free, and one of the countries that most people would like to explore due to its vast outback and it’s sheer size. There is an incredible amount of things you can do in the USA, ranging from broadway musicals all the way to looking to one of nature’s most incredible creations – the grand canyon.
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