If you have any questions that you did not find answers to here – please do not hesitate to contact us directly. The whole team is here to help.
Why would I choose a New Build over a pre loved home?
New homes, tend to use the most up-to-date building materials, things like double glazing, fitted kitchens, underfloor heating and smart technology. You will not have to replace Radiators or boilers, or have to re-wire if you purchase a new build. New homes often reflect changes in lifestyles, currently open plan kitchens and multi-use spaces are most common in new builds.
Am I spending more or less?
You will be paying out a premium, but with all the modern technology already in the house, it is likely to be more efficient and so, in the long term, will reduce your outgoings dramatically. New boilers are vastly more efficient and with modern build quality your utility bills will certainly be reduced.  
What is a NHBC certificate?

Your builder is required to build in accordance with the NHBC Requirements. These are contained in the NHBC Standards which include: 

• Technical requirements, 

 • Performance standards 

• Guidance for the design 

• NHBC registered builders and developers are required to build to Construction Regulations for new homes

What do I do if I think something not working?
The NHBC certificate covers the building for 10 years however, if you have owned the house for less than 2 years then you should contact your builder.  If you have owned the house for more than 2 years  but less than 10 you can contact the Customer Services team at NHBC. Here is a link to their site: http://www.nhbc.co.uk/AboutNHBC/
Can I choose my finishes?
The simple answer is – Sometimes. If you secure a house “Off Plan” then your builder will no doubt have options for floor coverings, paint colours and sometimes even kitchen designs and colours.  However, as the build progresses, materials have to be ordered and so the options will get less and less as the property reaches conclusion.
What is buying Off Plan?
Quite simply – it’s putting a non-refundable deposit on a property that at the time has not been built. You will have to make your decision based on plans and drawings and sometimes CGI images.
Why would I buy off plan?
Securing the plot that best works for you on a smaller development is key. Unlike the larger Estate builders, our developers will not release multiples of each home. In fact many of the houses that we sell are one of a kind. If you know you want a corner plot and a downstairs WC, it may be that there is only one.  Also, as the properties reach completion, the market may have changed, and the developer may find that the finished houses are worth more than the speculative figures done months before. So if you want to bag a bargain – move fast
Is buying a New Build different?
Yes, it’s easier! No hassle of a long chain or searches to be raised. But be ready for it – as most developers will ask you for a 28 day exchange. That means that you have exchanged contracts and you are legally obligated to buy the property.  If you decide to withdraw, you will lose your deposit.
How can I buy a house in 28 days?

In truth this is very straightforward, do your preparation before you make your offer.   Make sure you have done all your administration prior to viewings. Falling in love with a property that you can’t have is heart-breaking so make sure you are ready and able to proceed. To be a proceedable buyer you will need: 

 • Funds in place to buy the house e.g. Cash or Mortgage or a Property to Sell 

 • You will also need a conveyancing team familiar with the purchase process for New Builds.   We can give you recommendations for both IFA’s and Conveyancers

Why should I work with Loveitts?
We have been working in these local counties since 1843. Working with the New Homes team is the Land Department, the Surveyors, the residential Sales team, the Lettings team and a full spectrum of Property Law specialists too. Our longevity in the market means that if you are buying a new build through us you can have the confidence that the site was probably bought with assistance from Loveitts, the developer has a long standing and trusted relationship with us, the development type, style and build have been in consultation with us, and the end values were carefully decided by valuers with years of local knowledge.