“A common question I am asked with regards to the latest EICR testing & faulty appliances that occur within a property. "

James Cole, Loveitts Property Manager gives some advice and guidance regarding electrical testing for rented properties.

"Since the EICR testing became commonplace, Landlords should be aware that the Electrical Installations Testing is purely for the “fixed” electrical installations of property. It is like an MOT – it is a snap-shot of an installation at that time.


Electricians conducting EICR testing generally do not test each individual appliance of a property as it would not be viable to do so. These are also commonly covered under their own manufacturer’s guarantees/warranty etc.


The vast majority of EICR tests will only test up to the nearest isolation point of any appliance; so unfortunately, any appliance becoming faulty soon after an EICR is more often than not a fault with the appliance & not related to the EICR Testing”