British Gas Warm Home Promise will refund heat pump installs if not as warm as a boiler

British Gas commit to only install a heat pump if it will heat a home as well as a traditional boiler, as part of newly launched Warm Home Promise

British Gas engineers will provide free heat pump service ahead of winter 

The newly-announced British Gas Warm Home Promise promises the energy giant’s customers their money back if a heat pump does not warm their home effectively.Heat pumps can potentially lower fuel bills and reduce home carbon emissions, but some have claimed that the tech will not work in some properties. British Gas suggests their new promise will provide reassurance for those that may be hesitant about making the switch to a ground or air source heat pump. Here's what you need to know about the British Gas Warm Home Promise. 

What is the British Gas Warm Home Promise?

British Gas won’t install a heat pump if it can’t heat your home effectively on the coldest days. Instead, they will suggest a different carbon-saving option.If the heat pump doesn’t heat the home to the agreed temperature, then British Gas will come back to fix the issue — and subsequently refund customers if they're unable to remedy the issue.

As part of the British Gas Warm Home Promise, engineers will also provide a free heat pump service during the first year of installation to ensure everything is in working order. The Promise is the latest in a series of initiatives to encourage uptake of heat pumps. This comes amid recent criticism of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, a government scheme designed to help homeowners in England and Wales afford the upfront costs of installing a heat pump.

At which temperature will British Gas refund homeowners?

If by installing an air source heat pump, the new heat pump doesn't heat the home to the agreed temperature, then British Gas will return to fix the issue. If they have subsequently 'exhausted' all options for fixing your heat pump, British Gas will give you your money back. 

The agreed temperature will be specific to the property. 

According to the Warm Home Promise terms and conditions: 'They [a British Gas expert surveyor] will also advise you of the temperatures that we can guarantee your air source heat pump will heat your home to and they will include this on your customer documentation.'

Why is British Gas offering a Warm Home Promise?

British Gas says the promise forms part of wider initiatives to help drive heat pump uptake in the UK and support consumers install greener heating solutions Andrew Middleton, Managing Director, British Gas Zero commented: “Heat pumps are an important part of helping the UK lower its home emissions to reach our net zero targets so we are doing all we can to increase take up. “We recognise that the transition from a boiler to a heat pump can be daunting and want to reassure our customers that they can effectively heat their home, even through the coldest spells in Winter." Our engineers are ready to guide consumers through this process and we are making sure they are as affordable and accessible as possible.”The heat pump Warm Home Promise follows other initiatives from the company, designed to encourage uptake, which include cutting the starting price of an installation to £2,999 earlier in the year.

By Sam Webb https://www.homebuilding.co.uk/news/british-gas-warm-home-promise