Coventry and Warwickshire’s oldest estate agents is marking its 175th anniversary by commissioning a special edition craft beer to gift to its staff and customers as a special Christmas treat this December.

Ensuring that the beer was crafted to the highest quality, the Coventry & Warwickshire estate agents engaged the services of Coventry based Twisted Barrel Ale Brewery to brew two types of beer.

The Loveitts IPA and Lovietts Ale were fashioned by the brewery which is based in Fargo Village, by using three key steps that are typically used in the art of beer crafting.

Step one involves the process of mashing where the barley and grains are steeped in water for 90 minutes. The boiling process commences in step two, which comprises the removal of sugar out of the grains. Hops are then added to the boiling process which adds an antibacterial presence to the beer. The final stage is the fermentation process where the yeast is added.

Favouring an IPA blend and an American style traditional ale, Twisted Barrel Ale used a variation of flavours, chosen by the Loveitts Directors, from their ‘core beers’ that they traditionally brew for their customers throughout the calendar year.

With many of the brewery’s techniques being carried out by hand, the Twisted Barrel Ale Brewery use several traditional brewing methods that were used in and around the time of Loveitts’ formation in 1843.

At this time, the demand for the export style of pale ale, which had become known as India Pale Ale was developed in England India Pale Ale. – a beer that remains a popular product in the UK to this day.

From its humble beginnings in the mid-19th Century, Loveitts has gone from strength-to strength over a period stretching nearly two centuries, where they started from a base in Coventry before expanding into Warwickshire over 30 years ago.

Today, Loveitts Estate Agents stands at the forefront of the local housing market and remains the only auctioneer in Coventry and Warwickshire as well as the largest independent multi-disciplinary practice in the region.

A business steeped in history, Loveitts has a rich and proud pedigree in Coventry with an extensive portfolio of historic landmark deals that include the city’s Opera House theatre and the sale of an estate belonging to Mr W Johnson which was thought to be the most expensive property auction sale in pre-war Coventry, selling at £170,000.

John Pugh, Loveitts Director commented: “Our thanks goes out to the Twisted Barrel Ale Brewery who have crafted two tasty beers that have captured the heritage of Loveitts Estate Agents.

“2018 has been an incredibly proud year for Loveitts Estate Agents and what better way to cap off a memorable 175th anniversary but to express our gratitude to our staff and customers with a personal touch.

“Not many people can say that they run or work for a business which has a pedigree spanning 175 years during which time we have forged some strong partnerships in the city which has contributed greatly to our success.”