Do I need to repaint my house to sell it?

Do I need to repaint my house to sell it?


Home owners hoping to sell this spring should ditch ambitious DIY plans and simply tidy up and repair tired paintwork.

While many may believe a last-ditch kitchen revamp or Ground Force-style garden redesign, would send their home to the top of potential buyers’ lists, experts say smaller tasks could make all the difference.

In a snapshot survey, property valuers listed their top quick ways to help sell your home and boost its appeal.

De-cluttering a home, or tidying up as most of us call it, is the best way to help sell it, according to property valuers quizzed in a survey.

And it was followed by some other relatively simple tasks in the home and garden, repairing paint chips, or damaged wall paper, cutting the grass and trimming flower beds, repairing fences and gates and repainting the front door.

Many householders spend the Bank Holidays on DIY projects to help boost property value and saleability. However it is often the smaller jobs like painting the front door that can make all the difference when looking for a quick sale.

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