Do you know about HMO's or Houses of Multiple Occupation?

HMO's or Houses of Multiple Occupation, has been a tricky area for many. 

What constitutes a HMO? The confusion on this is widespread, the simple answer is 3 or more unrelated parties, the complications – many! 

This has led to many tenancies unwittingly becoming HMO’s and being in breach of the licensing laws. An unlicensed HMO not complying with safety legislation can lead to eye wateringly large fines.

Do I have to be licenced? 

This depends on the area where the HMO is situated as many councils, like Coventry, have mandatory licensing for all HMO’s, not just 5 persons and above.

Where does LACCORS fit into this? LACCORS is the fire system that you need and has a rating system dependant on the property. All properties will require a LACCORS system of some sort.

At Loveitts, we are HMO specialists and can offer advice on the property set-up and what would be needed to gain licencing (thumb turn locks, hot exits, fire boarding to name a few). We are also able to apply for all of the safety certification needed and apply to the council for your licence.

If you would like to know more or need guidance, please call Rebekah Gill on 02476228111 (option 1), who will be more than happy to help.

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