Hairdressers in Nuneaton extend their lease

Great to see so many positive big news stories relating to commercial property in the news with tens of thousands of sq ft of new logistical stock committed, new developments fully let and Funds successfully selling their investments for eye watering numbers but let’s remember that it’s the small deals (albeit it may take a lot of them) which helps to make the business world go round. And each of these ‘little’ deals has a human-interest story behind them of course. 

Anyway, whilst in that mode I just want to reference a lease renewal which Loveitts Commercial has just concluded on Waves hairdressing salon in Nuneaton. This is a small salon (just one room) with a local tenant (with a very loyal clientele) who has made this her home from home business address for over 20 years ... and then Covid hit. Anyway, delighted to say that a new 6 year lease was completed here just yesterday (in the the midst of lockdown!) as testament to our tenant’s confidence in the future. After all despite everything which is currently going on in the world people are still going to have to have their hair cut (apart from myself that is!!) ...