How To Prepare Your Property To Make It Sell Quicker: Our Expert Tips

In life, there are some things we’re certain about – one of them being moving house. It’s rare to be in the same abode for the entirety, so whether you’re looking to downsize, upsize, be closer to work, or just fancy a fresh start, before your property goes on the market, it’s time to get it in tip-top shape and ready for viewings.

There’s no point beating around the bush – moving house can be incredibly stressful. The process from putting your property up for sale to sealing the deal can be lengthy. Thankfully, there are ways to shorten this timeframe. Here are some of the best ways to prepare your home to make it sell quicker and keep your stress levels at a minimum.

Declutter, declutter, declutter!

The first port of call is to get rid of any junk that you’ve accumulated over the years. If you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to something, consider housing it in storage. Alternatively, you can sell items, give them away, or simply throw them in the bin. If you’ve got bulky furniture that’s taking up a lot of room, consider getting rid of it before viewings start. This is because it can make the room look and feel cramped.

When homebuyers come to scoop out your property, they need to imagine themselves in the property and what it would look like if they lived there. People tend to find this difficult, so to make things easier for them, getting rid of clutter is a must. This mammoth task won’t be completed in a day, but before you know it, you’ll start to make great progress and make your property feel more spacious and open.

Sort out your garage

If you have a garage that’s not being used for its intended purpose aka housing your car, why not repurpose it into something more useful? When homebuyers come to check out your abode, they’ll be paying close attention to your garage space. If it’s filled high with clutter and you’ve not given it any TLC, this can be a big red flag!

Now is the perfect opportunity to clear out your garage and even turn it into something entirely different. Whether you create extra living space, a home office, or even a home gym, homebuyers are sure to be impressed and this could be the difference between sealing the deal and your home staying up for sale. To protect your garage, look into Clear Amber Shop who sells corrugated roofing sheets. These can add increased durability and strength to your garage roof without adding extra weight. They also sell plastic roof sheets that can be used for other home improvement projects.

A fresh lick of paint

You don’t have to break the bank to spruce up your home before putting it up for sale. If you’re on a shoestring budget, heading to your local B&Q and picking up a few pots of paint can do the trick. To make your property seem bigger and lighter, coating your walls with a fresh lick of neutral paint is key. This will make it easier for viewers to imagine how they’d adapt each room to their specific needs.

What’s more, giving your walls a fresh coat of paint makes it simpler for buyers to move in and start their new life. If your wallpaper is peeling away or the existing paint is wearing away, now is the time to take action. To cut even more corners, you can throw on your overalls and do the job yourself! However, if you feel you won’t do a good job, hire a painter and decorator to step in and take over.

Maximise kerb appeal

To create a lasting first impression, your property’s kerb appeal plays a big part. In fact, you’ll find most homebuyers make up their minds within the first minute of arriving at your home! If your property is already on the market and it’s barely making an impact, now is the time to look at maximising the kerb appeal.

Firstly, step outside your home and take a good look at the exterior. Could your windows do with a clean? Is your front door looking a little dated? Have you got grass outside that could do with a trim? If the answer is yes to any of these, making minor changes can truly make all the difference. When you elevate your home’s kerb appeal, expect more and more homebuyers to call up for viewings.

Fix structural defects

If there is one thing that puts homebuyers off aside from an unkempt garage, it’s a property that requires lots of work. No one wants to move into a new property and find they’ve got a huge task on their hands to get it to their liking!

If there are structural defects in your property, now is the time to get them sorted out. Whether it’s rewiring your home or cleaning out the gutters, take a moment to fully examine your home so you can figure out what needs doing. Of course, we don’t you to be an expert and know the ins and outs so it’s wise to hire a professional to come in and do a full evaluation first.

Update the kitchen

When you consider how much time we spend in the kitchen, it’s inevitable potential homebuyers will be looking for a functional and well-rounded kitchen space. For this reason, you need to have a think about updating your kitchen. If you’ve got cupboard doors hanging off, for instance, get them replaced before homebuyers arrive!

Updating your kitchen will not only make the space look more aesthetically pleasing but can drastically boost your property’s value. If you’ve got money to spare and are serious about making a pretty penny off your sale, consider ripping out old appliances and fitting energy-efficient ones instead. Homebuyers looking to reduce their carbon footprint will definitely thank you for this!

Brighten up your garden

Lots of homeowners enjoy nothing more than getting out in their garden and making the most of the sunshine. If you’ve got plenty of outdoor space, one job you should consider undertaking is making the area more appealing and functional. To start, consider adding decking or patio. This will be hugely appealing to homebuyers.

Other ways to brighten up your garden space include potting colourful flowers, mowing the lawn, and getting rid of pesky weeds! Whether you love gardening or decide to hire an expert to do the hard graft, getting your garden in shape can make an enormous difference and see your property get off the market much quicker than you envisaged.

When viewings commence, you’ll want homebuyers to walk through the front door with a smile on their face, rather than dread. No one wants their property to be lingering on the market for months and months. To stop this from happening to you, it’s time to get to work and do any of the above to make your home stand out from the crowd.

Whether you do something as small as cleaning your windows to undergoing extensive renovation work, once your home is in pristine condition and ready to sell, the likelihood of someone snapping it up quickly is much, much higher!

 Posted on WhatHouse? Website on15th September 2022 by Keith Osborne