Introducing Philip Briggs!

We are pleased to introduce Philip Briggs who has been our consultant valuer since 2021. Phil is a Chartered Surveyor and RICS registered valuer who enjoys complex cases. Phil has recently been accepted for membership of the Expert Witness Institute which reflects his experience over 15 years of preparing reports either as an advocate surveyor or as a joint independent appointment. He has presented for arbitration cases, and in Court as an Expert.

His cases have included valuation (current and historic) and diminution.

Phil adds further perspective from his experience outside the real estate sector. He has worked in private, public, and third sectors. He has also held roles in industry working internationally and holding posts in United Arab Emirates and the United States. While not directly relevant to most cases, it has enabled him to apply technical knowledge for instance, to counter a cited  problem involving emergency access which was alleged to affect value.

Phil’s approach is to separate objective and subjective matters. As a PhD researcher, he is naturally evidence led and analytical. This blends with his experience from over 35 years as a valuer with an appreciation that legitimate difference of opinions can exist between Experts therefore, the rationale behind the opinion needs to be robust.

We would be delighted to discuss any cases where me might assist and meet you with Phil if appropriate.

Contact details.

Philip Briggs MAB FRICs MWEI


07800 883149