Legal changed to affect Landlords

The Queens Speech today has confirmed the Governments plans for Renters Reform Bill part of which is to abolish “no fault” evictions, this will mean the end of the Section 21 (Form 6a).  This has been part of the Governments plans for some time now but some significant changes are needed first.


Abolishment of the Section 21 will mean that changes are required to the Section 8 notice namely to cover landlords that wish to sell but have never lived at the property and other potential grounds.


The Section 8 notice covers most eventualities and can be more effective due to the “mandatory” grounds listed.  The differences currently are: -


  • possession applied for via a Section 8 through the court requires a hearing, whereas a Section 21 accelerated possession can be granted without
  • a reason (ground/s) for service of a Section 8 is required, whereas a Section 21 is simply served without reason being legally needed


As always Loveitts will ensure that they keep fully up to date with the progress of the Tenant Reform Bill and keep their landlords informed.


Should you need further information regarding Section Notices feel free to give either Paul Barnes or Rebekah Gill a call.