NEW HOMES - is your current estate agent not performing?

As a small to medium sized developer, using an estate agent is one of the most common ways of marketing and selling your development in the UK. It is often a simpler, cheaper, quicker and sometimes the only option when looking to put your development to market. It is very important therefore that you make sure you chose the right one.


When you choose an estate agent to help you sell your properties, you are putting your faith in them to quickly find a buyer at the best possible price, and see the sale through to completion. But what should you do if things don’t go to plan?


If your current estate agent is struggling to sell your development or you are not getting the service you were initially promised, you’d be better off finding someone else who can, right?


If your development has sat on the market for longer than you expected, viewings have dried up and you aren’t getting offers close to your asking price, you would be right to question your agent. Whether you think they aren’t capable of finding a buyer, aren’t putting in enough effort, or you have fallen out with them for another reason, it might be time to try something different. The main benefits of changing estate agents to sell your properties are:


·         Better relationship. If your relationship with your agent breaks down, they’re not communicating well with you, or worse – they begin avoiding your calls or messages – it's going to be very difficult for you to continue working with them. Changing agents can enable you to build a relationship with someone else who can provide all the help and support you need.


·         Fresh market analysis. If you’ve followed the advice of your existing agent and it’s not working out, they may have misread the market. Another estate  agent can take a fresh look at recent price comparables and give you a different perspective to go by.


·         Reach new potential buyers. Every estate agent has their own database and marketing channels. Switching can give you exposure to a new set of potential buyers who have not yet seen your properties.  


·         Fresh enthusiasm. If for whatever reason your current agent doesn’t feel motivated to prioritise your properties, giving it to someone else who is hungry for the sale is a good way to get more eyes on your home. It may even make your existing agent spring into action for one last push before they lose the deal to a competitor.


·         The marketing will get a refresh: Properties get the most interest when they first come on the market. An ad that’s been hanging around for a while goes stale as buyers have either already seen it, or think there must be something wrong with it. A fresh listing with a new set of photos and description can kickstart the interest again.


·         Bring new ideas to the table. Your current agent might have run through the usual playbook and be left completely stumped as to why it has not sold. Another agent with more experience, market insight or creative thinking might have a few other tricks up their sleeve to find a buyer.


·         You’ll discover if the agent really is the problem. If your agent is blaming the market, problems with the property, or your unrealistic expectations, they might be right. Then again, trying a different agent will soon reveal if the problems were outside of their control, or if they were just full of excuses.


At Loveitts, we have a wealth of experience in selling new homes. We have a dedicated team who purely work on that for you. We have Sallyanne Wykes, our new homes manager to advise on suggested values for your development or property, how to best market your properties, what specification should be included, the best ways to present and the most effective way to sell your development. We also have Laura Wilson, our land manager who has her finger on the pulse of land opportunities throughout the region. She can bring you potential land opportunities for your next development, advise on land values and keep you up to speed on what is happening locally. Supporting the managers we have a team of sales people, sales progressors, co-ordinators and viewing representatives who are all working hard to sell your properties as quickly as possible for the best possible price.


Please speak with us to discuss how we can help your new project succeed. Call us on 024 7625 8421 and speak to Sallyanne, our new homes manager or email newhomes@loveitts.co.uk.


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