Loveitts Auctions are pleased to announce their new Auction Venue as the De Vere Village Hotel, Coventry Business Park, CV4 9GZ.

With yet again another successful year of Auctions in 2012, Loveitts wanted to have a fresh approach to their Property Auctions in 2013 and have made a few changes, starting with a new venue!

De Vere Village Hotel are delighted to host Loveitts first Auction of 2013 on Thursday 7th February, with the Auction starting at a new time of 6.30.

Sally Smith, Auction Manager said “following on from Loveitts continued success over the past years we decided to move our venue to the Village, as it is a recognised chain of hotels with an excellent reputation for quality and value. The Village has been very welcoming and with our new Auction room we are looking forward to a prosperous 2013 for both our sellers and buyers”.

Nationally Auction sales of property, both Residential and Commercial have improved in 2012 compared to previous years. David Sandeman of EIGroup was positive at the end of last year and hope for continued improvement in the Auction sector over the next year.

Buying and selling at Auction have never been so easy. For sellers, it can be a quick and easy way to have the certainty of a sale within a short period of time. For buyers, bidding at Auction can be daunting but with support from Loveitts staff, the process can be straightforward and very easy.

For any further information relating to Loveitts new Venue, time or day, please do not hesitate to call 024 7652 7789 or visit www.loveitts.co.uk.