A wealth of new build properties, increasing job opportunities, top-rate schools and strong transport links with the rest of the UK are all contributing to Nuneaton’s soaring popularity as an ideal place to live.

The news comes from property experts Linda Brannan and Avril Wilson, who head up the lettings arm of our Nuneaton branch.

Investments such as the £6 million Horiba Mira project, the Virgin service to London which takes little more than an hour, and Nuneaton’s rapid expansion coupled with its affordable living costs mean the soaring demand for rental properties in the town is far outstripping supply.

In fact the number of lettings in Nuneaton is increasing at such an unprecedented rate that Loveitts recently bolstered its team, appointing Linda, who already has 16 years of lettings experience in the town.

Linda said: “Lettings are extremely buoyant in Nuneaton. As soon as we have we uploaded a new instruction to Zoopla or Rightmove we are inundated with inquiries within seconds. At the moment we have an average six people chasing every property.

“Of course this is pushing the prices up and up – which although isn’t good for tenants, is excellent for the landlords.

“The number of lettings in Nuneaton is rising every month, reflecting the market in general. And it’s a real range of properties – everything from a one bedroom terrace house to four or even five-bedroom properties.”

Avril, who is lettings manager of Loveitts and boasts more than 20 years of lettings experience said: “There is a real diverse community in Nuneaton and increasingly so as time progresses. We have a lot of Polish, Romanians, Spanish, pretty much every different nationality.”

Chris Corbishley-Forbes, Branch Manager at Nuneaton, said: “Lettings are extremely buoyant at the moment and we were delighted to bring Linda on board at the beginning of this year to cope with increased demand.

Avril and Linda are well known in Nuneaton, Bedworth and Bulkington having worked in lettings so long in the town. Together they have worked hard to continue growing our lettings arm which now makes up a substantial part of our business.

“Our goal now is to continue increasing our portfolio in the months to come.”

Linda’s appointment completes the five-strong team at the Nuneaton branch of Loveitts.