Property Manager James Cole has provided guidance for tenants with the Winter months ahead;

As we are now heading into the Winter & wetter months, can we take this opportunity to just offer some advice on how best to manage your properties with regards to excess humidity, condensation & mould within properties.

 There is a guidance leaflet (which we can supply directly) from Coventry City Council which outlines that managing humidity & condensation is an ongoing responsibility - proper ventilation of a home should essentially be routine.

 Likewise, please find below a recent link to a notice from SHELTER Charity explaining this further:


 More often than not, excess humidity & condensation is a result of the way a Resident lives in a property.

As a Tenant be mindful that everyday living; including cooking, showering, drying clothes etc. all produce moisture which will linger in the air within a property until it is either cleared (fresh air) or condenses on a cold surface (typically a window).

 Needless to say, there is a balance between adequate ventilation of a property (to give the property a good airing out & clearing excess moisture in the air) as well as adequately heating the property (to help water evaporate condensation sitting on windows etc.).

 We appreciate that as we head into the Winter, opening windows may not something you can do daily (subject to heavy rain/changeable weather etc.) however on good, fair or sunny days, opening windows for a good blow through of fresh air will help dramatically.

 It is also advised that trickle vents fitted to windows can be left open as they are specifically designed/installed so that fresh air can circulate the property. These can be left open 24/7 if you so wish and are proven to have minimal/nominal impact on the overall temperature of the inside of a property if you have concerns of wasting your heating etc.

 Likewise, most modern glazing and windows allow for them to be part-locked open – this allows for airflow whilst you are out/at work whilst remaining locked.

 If you are struggling with ventilation & excess humidity; it may be advisable for you to consider purchasing either a de-humidifier or a window-vacuum which would assist in managing this.

Using either of these will not only help with removing humidity and clearing condensed water; but will give you an indication as to how much moisture there is in the air within your property:



 In areas where condensation sits for too long, this can tun into Mould which requires routine treatment by a Tenant.

There are specific “anti-mould” cleaning sprays/treatments readily available in most Supermarket cleaning isles to help clear this away, before it blooms  and spreads.

 If you have any concerns about any of the above please do come back to me on 024 76228 111.