Loveitts Auctions were delighted when a viewing was arranged on Tuesday, the sale agreed on Wednesday and contracts exchanged on Thursday!

The property was in Queens Road Nuneaton and had been entered into the July auction, and therefore a Contract Pack was available and ready to sign. Mandy Boon (Auction Co-ordinator) did a viewing on Tuesday evening, and agreed on a sale on Wednesday morning, much to the delight of the sellers. By Thursday afternoon contracts had been exchanged and the deposit paid!

Sally Smith (Auction Manager) said, "this is one of the benefits of selling at auction. Contracts are prepared in readiness for the night of the Auction, but if the seller wants to accept an offer prior to Auction, the transaction can happen really quickly, as the paperwork is done. The sellers, in this case, wanted the certainty of a sale, and are absolutely delighted with the result".

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