As the second largest city in the west midlands, and the 9th largest city in England, Coventry is a busy and bustling urban space; home to thousands of people and thousands more opportunities.

As one of the up and coming cities within the UK, Coventry boasts an ever increasing landscape, with a multitude of investors and developers all clammering to become apart of this vibrant city’s landscape.

With such promising prospects for the city, 2017 is set to be the year where Coventry comes into its own, as more and more plans are unveiled, revealing Coventry’s bright and modernised future.

Coventry Rail Station

Playing a vital role in connecting some of the country’s biggest railways, Coventry Station provides regular rail services to both London and Birmingham, as well as offering frequent routes to Manchester, Glasgow and Bournemouth, to name a few.

In fact it is thanks to its reputation for being such a significant and central train station, that Coventry Station is now getting the modern makeover it deserves.

Starting in 2019, construction will begin on the rail station, working to transform the old ageing aesthetics into a shining modern masterpiece. With a budget of £82 million, Coventry Station’s makeover will involve the introduction of a second entrance along Warwick Road to allow easier access to travellers, a 644 space multi storey car park to accommodate more people, and a second footbridge to connect all the platforms. With such huge developments underway, the future truly looks bright for Coventry Station.

Coventry rail station image

Water Park

Coventry is set to make a splash this year with its ongoing development of a new water park and leisure centre. Set to be built next to the historic Christchurch Spire, the gleaming building will add some modern luxury to Coventry’s expanding landscape with its opulent design. Given a £36.7 million budget, the centre promises to cater to everyone’s needs with water slides, squash courts, a climbing wall, a day spa and even a dance studio. With such an impressive range of activities and amenities, Coventry’s new leisure centre is set to be a must visit for every local.

Coventry Water Park image

Warwick Arts Centre

Home to superb theatrical productions, and outstanding musical festivities, Coventry has long been heavily involved with the arts, and with the new refurbishment of its arts centre, this relationship is only set to become stronger. With construction starting in October of 2016, the centre promises to be a bustling hub for the arts with an open and modern atrium purposed to showcase paintings, photography and other acclaimed pieces of artwork; helping the public to engage with art on an intimate level. As well as redesigning the building to better promote and celebrate art, the centre will also get a makeover to update and modernise its look; providing new eateries and shops to turn the site from a building to an experience.

Warwick Arts Centre image


With work underway since the winter of 2016, Friargate is finally starting to take shape, as its first building nears completion. Based in the heart of the city, Coventry’s new business park promises to embody the pinnacle of urban living with its cosmopolitan and modern building designs. The illustrious business park is also estimated to provide an impressive 15,000 job opportunities, as well as 400 new housing residencies, making it the perfect living space. The development will also balance practical with leisure, as the site will provide 215,000 square ft for retail, filling it with numerous restaurants, cafes and bars; creating a vibrant urban environment, perfectly befitting such a thriving city.

Coventry Fairgate image

City Centre South

With a budget of £300 million, City Centre South is set to be the biggest and grandest project yet, completely transforming the city centre, and bringing it into the 21st century. With work set to begin in 2020, designs are already well underway for this impressive shopping mall, with plans including the addition of a selection of popular chain restaurants, a new cinema complex, a retro bowling alley and of course a thriving shopping environment. Although information on the project is currently limited, the end product is sure to be an impressive modern masterpiece.

City Centre South image

River Sherbourne

Plans are currently underway for the development of yet another business complex within Coventry. However this project promises to be a business park with a difference thanks to it’s unique and eye catching design. Set against the beautiful banks of the river Sherbourne, the offices are designed to be embedded into the land, curving with it rather than against it. Promising to provide 400 jobs for the city, this eco friendly office plan will seek to highlight historic buildings along the riverbank, with a river walkway providing access from the city to the park, marking it as an architectural wonder.

River Sherbourne Coventry Business Park image

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