What does the third lockdown mean for homeowners in England?

What does the third lockdown mean for homeowners in England?

With the new variant of COVID-19 causing a rapid rise in infections throughout the country, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new measures and a national lockdown to mitigate the spread of the virus to protect the NHS and save lives. But what does this mean for home movers?



Virtual Viewings And Meetings

Buyers hoping to make the most of the Stamp Duty holiday savings will face a few restrictions but will be able to continue the property buying process. During the latest lockdown, more activity will be conducted online through virtual appointments and viewings.


Physical Viewings And Meetings

If you are serious about purchasing the property, you may want to arrange a viewing in person. Physical meetings and viewings can still take place but should be avoided where possible, must only be made when a buyer is serious about purchasing a property and must be by appointment only. We will inform buyers of their Covid-19 procedures before any physical meeting takes place, even when the agent is not present for the viewing. All physical viewings are limited to two households and social distancing rules, avoiding contact and wearing face coverings must occur to prevent the spread of the virus. Anyone who is self-isolating or quarantining are not permitted to meet. Loveitts would also remind viewers of the hygiene measures that needs to be carried out, such as washing hands with soap and water and disinfecting keys and surfaces visitors have come into contact with.



If you are hoping to sell your home during the latest lockdown, digital market appraisals and viewing options allow us to conduct property valuations professionally and remotely. Virtual Valuations are conducted with the same level of expertise and detail, whilst protecting our communities throughout the pandemic. We can also arrange a valuation in person, with the necessary social distancing measures being adhered to.

Please do not hesitate to contact Loveitts for more information by speaking to our sales team at our three branches by calling the office.