What's the word on the block Loveitts!

Property management is a fine balancing act between managing the high expectations of leaseholders and making sure the team have the right level of support to meet those demands.  That can be forgotten at times.

Especially when this is an exciting time for residential leasehold property management at Loveitts.  The department has grown just by word of mouth and is embedding an operational structure to support that growth.  Never more than now, digital technology has created a demanding customer base that expects access to information and quicker response times.  It has been an unforgiving pace that at times has pushed that fine balance to the edge, but growth continues with the same level of commitment, as we adjust to the ‘safety in housing’ climate and never wanting to take for granted the pressure the team are under to take the strain.   Using software to our best advantage will take Loveitts block management to the next level and the team are ready for that.