Why Buy a Newly Built Home?

Why Buy a Newly Built Home?

Some people love a new-build, others avoid them like the plague. Obviously, there are both pros and cons to buying a new build property through an estate agent of developer. Here we are going to take a quick look at some of the advantages of a new build home over an established property.

A new home is exactly that, NEW! It should be a blank canvass with everything fresh, clean and new, ready for you to put your stamp on it and personalise it your way. Moving into a new build home should be pretty straight forward and should be a case of just unpacking your belongings and enjoying your new home.

With a new build home there should be very little to do with regards to maintenance, repair or building work. This is one of the biggest attractions for many people to a new home – nothing to do to it!

Although it is generally accepted that new homes can attract a ‘new home premium’, there are also schemes designed to help property buyers get a foot on the ladder. The Government’s Help to Buy Scheme is only available on brand new homes, and a majority of the shared ownership properties available are new builds.

As new build homes have to comply with the current building regulations, this generally means that they are much more energy efficient than older properties. The benefit of this to the homebuyer is that energy bills are generally a lot lower on new build properties. Home Owner Alliance website quotes that over 80% of new homes have an A or B energy efficiency rating, compared to only 2.2% of established properties.

A new build home generally will come with some kind of warranty. The level of cover depends on the warranty provider and the warranty on offer, but you very rarely get this luxury with an established property.

Apart from all of the niceties of actually living in a newly built home, the conveyancing process can sometimes be a lot easier too. Most developers will put a timescale in place that they expect the exchange and completion to have taken place in. If you are buying off plan you may get a completion month when the developer expects you to be able to move in. This simply doesn’t happen with an established property as their completion is generally just when everything including the chain is ready. Speaking of chains, with a new build property, there is no upward chain!

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